Our company was founded in 1915 by the hairdresser Pelayo Beltrán González. One century after its creation, INTEA stands as a family company run by the third generation of the Beltrán family, from whom two of its members are chemists.

The philosophy of the company relies upon the creation and development of natural, high-quality cosmetics. In our products you will find original and characteristic formulae developed by chemists and produced with self-designed processes in order to preserve the cosmetic qualities of their natural components. These original formulae are handed over from generation to generation, as well as being improved by their adaptation to the latest technical improvements and manufactured under a strict quality control.

Every year new INTEA natural products are put in the market after a long research and testing process.

Our customer support in more than 15 countries is essential in order to ensure INTEA´s long life and future.

Advertising and communication have always meant a lot to us. We find direct contact with customers very important, not only to advertise our products, but also to widen our knowledge and help us improve day after day.

Please do not hesitate to request information or make any kind of suggestion. They will always be welcome.

Ignacio Beltrán.